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Safety For Frying Turkeys

Dated: 11/17/2015

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Fried turkeys are a holiday favorite of many, but cooking them is very dangerous. Turkey fryers are not currently endorsed by the National Fire Protection Association because they are so dangerous. They argue that current home turkey fryers pose too high of a risk to cooks. Thousands of fires every year are caused by people cooking fried turkeys. Fortunately, if homeowners take certain precautions, the risk of fires or burns from frying turkeys is greatly reduced. 

Fryer Placement

For one, turkeys should be fried far away from the home. They should be at least 10 feet away from homes or other flammable objects. The person frying the turkey should have some sort of extinguishing equipment within easy reach at all times. If a fire occurs, it can be quickly extinguished without the danger of the house catching on fire. Fryers should always be set up on flat ground. If a fryer is on an uneven service, it is more likely to spill over, especially if someone or something accidentally bumps into it. 


Fryers should never be unattended. Someone responsible needs to tend to the cooking turkey at all times. If no one is watching the turkey, a fire could easily get out of control. Children and pets should always be kept far away from a frying turkey. The hot oil, even if it is not on fire, can cause severe and dangerous burns. Turkey fryers should have some sort of temperature gauge to monitor the oil temperature. If the oil gets too hot, the temperature of the fryer should be lowered as quickly as possible. A fryer becomes extremely dangerous when its temperature is too high. 

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Water is frequently used to extinguish fires, but it should never be used in association with turkey fryers. Water and oil do not mix. When they come into contact with one another, they react and water could shoot out of the fryer. Flying, heated oil can cause severe burns and start fires. Turkeys should never be fried when they are wet or frozen. Frozen turkeys will release high amounts of water when they are heated. Before turkeys are fried, they should always be thawed and allowed to dry. This will reduce the risk of water and oil coming into contact with one another. 

Seek Extra Counsel

If Thanksgiving hosts are determined to have fried turkey, but they are nervous about cooking one themselves, they can get cooking advice from their local fire department. Thanksgiving hosts can also consider getting a fried turkey from a professional. It will be properly cooked, and there is no risk. Many local delis, restaurants and grocery stores will cook fried turkeys around the holiday season. 


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