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Types Of Flooring

Dated: 11/25/2015

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There are many different types of flooring options available to homeowners. From carpet to wood, flooring can make or break a room’s appearance. Homeowners should consider what type of flooring they should use based on the use of the room, price and appearance. 

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A long-time staple in the home, carpet is great for side rooms, kids’ rooms and basements. Starting at just $2 per foot installed, carpet is a very cost-effective alternative to more expensive flooring options like wood. Unfortunately, it can quickly deteriorate. Also, carpet, especially light-colored carpet, easily stains. There are some stain-resistant carpets available, however. Carpet has minimal upkeep. It should be vacuumed a few times a week and spills should be cleaned up immediately. Carpet should be steamed once every 12 to 18 months. 


Wood is highly desirable in high-traffic and public areas of the home such as the dining room, the kitchen, entryways and living rooms. It is one of the more costly flooring options in homes with prices ranging between $6 and $15 per square foot installed. Wood is fairly resistant to wear, it can be refinished to change its appearance and it is relatively durable. Still, it is vulnerable to moisture. Rugs, particularly at entryways, can trap dirt, which keeps it from deteriorating wood. Homeowners can install soft pads on the bottom of tables and chairs to prevent scratching. Wood requires minimal weekly maintenance. It should be regularly swept or dust-mopped. Homeowners should be wary of what chemicals they use on hardwood. Certain cleaning chemicals can deteriorate wood. 


Tile is particularly popular in bathrooms become it is highly resistant to water. It generally costs between $4 and $12 per square foot installed. Tile hides scratches extremely well, making it visually appealing. Unfortunately, tile is not perfect. Grout lines between individual pieces of tile easily gather dirt and grime, and they are difficult to clean. Cheap tiles are susceptible to damage. They may chip early in their life. Tile can also be slippery when it is wet. Tile maintenance is fairly intensive. It needs to be swept and mopped on a regular basis. Grout should be replaced when it is too dirty to clean. Chipped tiles should be replaced, but it may be difficult for homeowners to find a piece of tile that matches the tile already on the floor. Image title


Laminate is easy to install, and it is highly stain-resistant. At prices between $3 and $7 per square foot installed, laminate is also affordable. There are many different types of laminate, and many variances of it resemble natural surfaces like wood. Unfortunately, it cannot be refinished. Laminate has to be completely replaced when homeowners want to change its appearance. Also, off-brands are notorious for being cheaply made. The top surface of off-brand laminate can peel away early into its lifetime. Laminate in general is fairly vulnerable to moisture, but certain types of laminate are resistant to water. Laminate needs to be regularly swept. Like wood, mats and rugs can prevent dirt accumulation. Chairs and tables should have pads placed on their legs to prevent scratching. SOURCE:

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