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This October At Altums

Dated: 09/30/2016

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hWhile Altum’s, one of the best gardening and landscaping facilities on the Northside, is busy throughout the year, it promises to be a great place for Greater Indianapolis residents to learn a thing or two about gardening and decorating during the month of October. For October, Altum’s, which is located about a half mile north of the intersection of 106th Street and Michigan Road, has a number of public courses and special events.

October 1st

On Saturday, October 1st, Altum’s will host a gardening workshop focusing on decorating home doorsteps. This class, which starts at 10:30am, will provide tips and tricks to help participants design their own potted plant collection with a special emphasis on the fall season. The class costs just $10.00, and participants are encouraged to bring their own pot or find one in the Altum’s store. Any extra supplies used for this class must be purchased by the participant.  

 October 8th

There are two events scheduled for October 8th out at Altum’s. The first is a painting class. Called “Painting Pumpkins with Patty,” participants will learn some new techniques to paint pumpkins beautifully. The class starts at 10:30am, and it costs just $14.99. Participants receive a free pumpkin and free painting supplies. Later, at 1:00pm, Altum’s hosts an indoor decorating class. This class demonstrates how indoor houseplants can greatly enhance the aesthetics of the home. This class can be attended completely free of charge.

October 15th

Like October 8th, there are two special events at Altum’s on Saturday, October 15th. “Painting Pumpkins with Patty” returns to Altum’s. This class is held at 10:30am, the same time as it is on October 8th. Between 9:00am and 11:00am, Bower and Branch will set up shop at Altum’s. They will sell Amish-built Kalans of apples. Each Kalan costs $49.00, but it can hold about half a bushel of apples. Specifically, Bower and Branch will offer Red Delicious apples, all freshly picked from the orchard.

October 22ndImage title

Saturday, October 22nd, promises to be another busy day at Altum’s. For $24.99, participants can take a pumpkin decorating course. Pumpkins designed from this class will serve as great centerpieces. There are no extra expenses for this class. All supplies are provided by Altum’s. Later, at 1:00pm, there will be a Halloween make-up class held at Altum’s completely free of charge.

October 29th

Finally, on October 29th, Altum’s will host one of the more interesting events of the month. There will be a workshop demonstrating how to decorate a fairy garden. Essentially, participants in this course will learn how to build a miniature garden in a wooden box. This course is just $10.00. Material costs are covered by the participant. This class is held at 10:30am.


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