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Maplelawn Farmstead

Dated: 09/15/2016

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Like locations in the rest of the United States, the 1930s were a tough time in Central Indiana. Maplelawn Farmstead is one local location that survived the Great Depression and serves as an educational tool today. The grounds themselves have not changed much since the 1930s.  By means of educational programming and special events, Maplelawn Farmstead educates visitors about the hardships experienced in rural Indiana during the Great Depression.  


The land we know as Maplelawn Farmstead today was first settled by John and Jane Wolf in 1835. The Wolf family would later sell the land to Alfred Elroy and Elmira Moore Scott at the turn of the century. This land was passed down from generation to generation until it was inherited by Lester Bradley, who had married into the Scott family. Mr. Bradley died in 2000, and the land was eventually sold to the Town of Zionsville in 2003 with the intentions of turning it into a community park. Because of its unique history, a subcommittee formed in response to the land purchase. This committee wanted to preserve the farm’s beautiful and historical buildings and grounds. By the end of 2006, Maplelawn Farmstead Inc. was created as a fully functional non-profit with the intention of developing and preserving the land of the old Maplelawn Farmstead. As of 2011, Maplelawn Farmstead is recognized nationally as a Historic District on the National Register of Historic Places.

Special Events

There are two big upcoming events at Maplelawn Farmstead in September. On September 16th, Maplelawn Farmstead will host a showing of “A Christmas Story.” This event has an admission price of just $1.00. Local favorites Greek’s Pizza and Inga’s Popcorn will be in attendance and will be selling some of their best food items. The movie “Field of Dreams” will be shown on September 23rd. This event will also host Greek’s Pizza and Inga’s Popcorn, and it has an admission price of just $1.00 as well.

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As a non-profit, Maplelawn Farmstead is constantly needing volunteers. Volunteers are needed for special projects and hands-on educational programs. Anyone interested in volunteering can contact Maplelawn Farmstead by emailing Educational artifacts and donations to help with Maplelawn’s budget are also highly encouraged. Corporate advertising opportunities are also available.


Maplelawn Farmstead is located northwest of Downtown Zionsville near the intersection of Whitestown Road and Ford Road. It is adjacent to Mulberry Fields, a Zionsville community park, and it is within walking distance of Zionsville Middle School. The grounds are open during special events. Visitors can also check out Maplelawn Farmstead by making an appointment.


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