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2016 2017 Winter Break For Northside Schools

Dated: 11/28/2016

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With December right around the corner, students are undoubtedly eagerly awaiting a little time off from school. Once exams are finished, winter break, which is typically about two weeks in Central Indiana, begins for students. While Northside school systems generally have the same vacation schedule from year to year, occasionally, calendars change. Parents should make sure they know what days their kids are and are not in school.

Brebeuf Jesuit

Brebeuf ends its Fall 2016 semester with end-of-semester exams between December 14th and 16th. Once these exams are completed, students are out of school for two weeks. Officially, Christmas Break starts on December 19th and ends when classes resume on January 2nd.

Carmel-Clay Schools

All Carmel-Clay Schools students will enjoy 11 days off for the 2016-2017 schoolyear. Break for students in Carmel-Clay Schools start on December 19th, meaning December 16th is the last day of the semester. There is a Teacher Day scheduled for January 2nd of 2017. Students have this day off as well. Classes resume a day later on Tuesday, January 3rd.

Guerin Catholic High School

Guerin Catholic’s Christmas Break schedule is unusual compared to other Northside school corporations. Its vacation for winter begins on the middle of the second-to-last week of December, specifically December 21st. Break extends exactly two weeks with classes starting again on Wednesday, January 4th, in 2017.

Hamilton Southeastern Schools

All of Hamilton Southeastern schools, including Fishers High School, have an 11-day winter vacation entirely in 2016. For this district, break starts on December 19th, meaning December 16th is the last day of the semester. Classes, and second semester, will resume in 2017 on Tuesday, January 3rd. On Monday, January 2nd, teachers, but not students, are scheduled to report to school.

Westfield-Washington Schools

Students in Westfield-Washington Schools will find their schedule is comparable to other students in other schools on the Northside. They, like everyone else, will enjoy two weeks off school at the end of the Fall Semester. Westfield-Washington Schools students officially start their vacation on Monday, December 19th. Classes resume exactly two weeks later on January 2nd. On this day, students will start their second semester of the year.

Zionsville Community SchoolsImage title

The Zionsville Community Schools fall semester officially ends on Thursday, December 22nd, for the 2016-2017 school year, just two days before Christmas Eve. Compared to other schools on the Northside, Zionsville students start their Winter Break a little later in the year. Fortunately, Zionsville students enjoy a longer-than-average winter vacation. In total, students have 11 days off. Vacation starts on Friday, December 23rd, and lasts until Monday, January 9th. A week later, Martin Luther King Junior Day, classes are not held, making the first half of January quick.


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